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OTSO’s Modular Electric Power Generation Packages are efficient, rugged pieces of equipment designed to withstand harsh environmental working conditions.  Our Qbid configuration software features a wide range of equipment options offering clients the flexibility of easily creating custom Power Generation Packages designed specifically to meet the requirements of their unique application. 

Qbid is a valuable asset for clients involved in applications requiring Gas Treatment.  Our Qbid software makes selecting and sizing Gas Treatment equipment to accompany your Power Generation Module a breeze.  Clients can configure Gas Treatment Equipment alongside Power Generation Packages creating a plug & play system that guarantees performance while reducing planning and manufacturing time. 

Our Modular systems are pre-engineered for Engine / Generator installation and have options for cooling water, heat recovery, exhaust gas systems, ventilation, sound attenuation, high ambient and Artic conditions, fuel gas system and Switchgear. OTSO enclosures are manufactured from a new, High Cube ISO shipping container containing forklift slots and standard four corners load locking/lifting fittings.

We offer a complete lineup of power systems that include pre-integrated diesel and natural gas generator sets ranging from 75 - 2,000 kW for continuous, prime, stand-by and emergency backup applications that are designed to achieve efficiency levels up to 99 percent.

Standard Features:

  • Customizable Container Configuration
  • Size Genset per site conditions
  • Gas Treatment Sizing
  • Plug & Play Gas Treatment Equipment
  • Multi-Unit Sizing w/ Gas Treatment
  • Quick Connect coupling for temporary power
  • LED Lighting

Optional Features:

  • Sound Attenuation
  • Desert & Arctic Packages
  • Motor Control Center
  • Switchgear
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Distribution Panels

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