Production Separators

OTSO Production Separators are configured to meet your specific needs. Similar to our other horizontal separators (i.e. the OTSO filter separator), this unit provides: 1) inlet momentum control, 2) vapor demisting, 3) liquid retention, and 4) liquid outlet control. It is the primary oil and gas separator in which oil, gas, and water are separated by gravity due to their different densities. It has built-in de-misting and coalescing devices that aid in phase separation, and vortex breakers that prevent re-entrainment of the liquid into the gas phase. These units are ideal for use as test separators, gas scrubbers, wellhead separators, slug catchers, free water knockouts, degassing drums, flare scrubbers, inlet separators, and floating production separators.


The OTSO Production Separator provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Redirects the inlet stream and dissipates the inlet fluid’s energy
  • Eliminates foam by using the energy of the incoming fluid
  • Utilizes wire mesh at the gas outlet for final cleanup
  • Remove sand from the vessel via sand jet system
  • Prevents vortexes from occurring
  • Significantly reduces BS&W content in the outlet oil stream

Contact an OTSO Representative for a quick quote,
competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

Contact an OTSO Representative
for a quick quote,competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

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