Sand Traps / Sand Separators

OTSO Sand Traps / Sand Separators Units consist of an inclined separator that effectively removes sand and other sediments from the hydrocarbon mix of your fluid well stream. They also protect your equipment and optimize production by preventing the damaging effects of erosion, plugging, and other problems associated with sand and sediment particles. These units are designed to reduce sand velocity through water displacement, and can handle critical fluids—without the use of gels or guards, which decrease sand separation ability. Gravity forces the particulates to descend and collect at the bottom of the vessel. The captured sand and sediment are regularly discharged via an outlet drain.


The OTSO Sand Trap / Sand Separator Unit provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Sturdy, engineered pressure vessel design
  • Facilitates separation of heavy particulate from gas and liquid
  • Works with multi-phase operations (however the addition of gas phase reduces throughput capacity)
  • Discharges sand through bottom of vessel through controlled choke (or manual/actuated valve)