Mechanical Refrigeration Units MRU's

OTSO Mechanical Refrigeration Plants (MRU’s) are designed for greater liquid recovery through lower temperature operation. Our MRU Plants are designed to incorporate propane as a refrigerant allowing them to operate at –20°F, enabling more marketable liquid hydrocarbons production and greater returns for our clients. Interstage economizers in conjunction with propane are used in OTSO’s Larger MRU Systems to ensure high liquid recovery rates.
Our MRU Plants are modularized systems complete with all the standard options and components required for plug and play operation. Such features include utilizing glycol injection to protect against hydrate formation for efficient pipeline transportation. OTSO customized MRU’s are designed for ease of use in field operation and service. Our smaller systems typically process gas volumes of 250mscfd, with larger systems processing up to 15mmscfd, however we can accommodate each client’s unique requirements. Other standard system control system includes first-out indicators, automatic shutdown and unmanned operational features. Standard components also include a glycol reconcentrator, stabilizer, gas-to-liquid heat exchanger and inlet scrubber.


OTSO Mechanical Refrigeration Plant provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Complete Package w/ Standard Features
  • Higher Liquid Recovery Rates
  • Greater Operational Efficiencies for Lower Cost Operation
  • Modularized Skid-Mounted Packages for Easy Installation

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