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OTSO Mechanical Refrigeration Plants not only recover hydrocarbon liquids, but they do so at lower temperatures, using propane as the refrigerant. These plants are designed to operate at –20°F, enabling the delivery of more marketable liquid hydrocarbons, which translates to more revenue for you. Utilizing glycol injection protects against hydrate formation and, thus, ensures efficient pipeline transportation. Standard sizes fit most needs, handling gas volumes from 250 Mscfd up to 15 MMscfd, and include a unique gas-to-liquid heat exchanger, inlet scrubber, glycol reconcentrator, stabilizer, and control system. All of this increases the sales potential of your end product.


The OTSO Mechanical Refrigeration Plant provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Completely packaged with standard features
  • Cost-saving design with more standard features
  • Higher liquid recovery rates
  • Greater operational efficiencies that optimize energy use
  • Skid-mounted for easy installation and ready to operate

Contact an OTSO Representative
for a quick quote,competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

Contact an OTSO Representative for a quick quote,
competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

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