H2S Scavenger Systems Dry Batch Process "SulfaTreat"

OTSO’s Batch Process H2S Scavenger systems offer our clients a simple, yet highly effective H2S removal solution for their gas conditioning requirements.  Dry batch H2S Scavengers are easier to manage and monitor as they are more predictable without the need for any free liquids during the H2S removal process.

Custom Large Amine Plants

The H2S Scavenger Vessel media is designed to exclusively target H2S without producing any unwanted off-gas during the H2S removal process. In addition, this process is not pressure sensitive, nor is it hindered by other contaminants that may be present in the gas stream. Site placement for H2S Scavengers are after gas / liquid separation under water saturated gas conditions.

Another added benefit of Dry batch H2S Scavenger Systems is their environmentally safe operation and spent media at time of disposal. The standard “SulfaTreat” dry media product is a safe compound prior and after use. After contact and H2S removal, the spent media byproduct created is pyrite, a safe to dispose mineral commonly known as “fool’s gold”.


OTSO H2S Scavenger Systems provide the following main benefits to customers:

  • Reliable, Safe, Predictable H2S Removal
  • Environmentally safe and tested to meet EPA regulations
  • Dry process, with fewer operating problems than liquid
  • Tolerates wide variations in flow rates and pressures
  • Avoids over-injection of hazardous chemicals

VaporTRAP™ & Mr. Mister™ Technology

High efficiency Absorbent H2S Removal for H2S Scavenger Systems