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GPU - Gas Production Units

OTSO’s Gas Production Units / GPU’s utilize our Proprietary Heat Transfer Technology and Waterbath Heat Transfer Technology to achieve complete thermal optimization, resulting in a highly efficient and superior performing Gas Production Unit / GPU.

We design and manufacture enclosed and open GPU’s with standard components that include a skid mounted package, ASME separator, indirect heater, instrumentation and interconnecting piping.  Each Gas Production Unit comes ready to work. 

Every OTSO Gas Production Unit is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a hardworking GPU our clients can depend on for regulating wellstream pressure, temperature and flow while removing liquids from gas prior to pipeline delivery or processing.


OTSO GPU – Gas Production Units provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Firetube Heat Transfer Technology
  • Waterbath Convective Heat Transfer Technology
  • Thermal Convective Flow
  • Housed or Open Option
  • Operational Friendly Access to Instrumentation and Control

Contact an OTSO Representative for a quick quote,
competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

Contact an OTSO Representative
for a quick quote,competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

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