GPU's Gas Production Units

OTSO’s Gas Production Units / GPU’s utilize our Proprietary Heat Transfer Technology ThermalFLO™ to achieve complete thermal optimization, resulting in a highly efficient and superior performing Gas Production Unit / GPU.

ThermalFLO™ Gas Production Unit / GPU

ThermalFLO™ System

ThermalFLO™  Systems offer high performance and an efficient liquid recovery process to lower operating costs. Throughout the separation process the unit pre-heats the well stream prior to entering the separator for processing. Separation performance is achieved by optimizing the temperature and flow automatically in fluctuating atmospheric conditions. 


Our ThermalFLO™  Systems are designed with a split-pass coil indirect heater containing a gas-fired draft burner, a pre-heat and expansion coil bundle, followed by a two-phase or three-phase separator to achieve the perfect temperature needed for separation.

Separation System

The incoming stream passes through our PureSep™ Inlet Momentum Distributor to slow the velocity and distribute the flow across the vessel. Then it passes through our vane and mesh mist eliminating devices PureSep™ Vane (PS-V) and PureSep™ Wire Mesh (PS-WM) to ensure efficient and adequate removal of liquid particles from the gas.  All ThermalFLO™  Systems also include Vortex Breakers to prevent the formation of a vortex and liquid dump valves to prevent freezing.


  • Flanged Stack
  • Full-Capacity Flame Arrestor
  • Fuel Gas Manifold With Pressure Gauge
  • Diaphragm Operated Fuel Valve
  • Fuel Gas Regulator
  • Separator Gas Temperature Thermostat
  • Water Bath Thermostat
  • Removable Heating Coil
  • Removable Firetube
  • Fuel Gas Preheat Coil
  • Split-Coil w/ external piping and internal Long Nose Choke

Asme Separator

  • Anti-Freeze Liquid Valve
  • ASME Safety Valve
  • Liquid Level Control w/ Sight Glass
  • Pressure Gauge w/ Isolating Valve
  • Thermometer w/ Separable Socket
  • PureSEP™ Mist Extractor


  • Skid Mounted, Enclosed / Housed Units
  • Skid Containment
  • On-Skid Piping