AMINE Gas Sweetening Plant

Process stream compositions often contain H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), mercaptans and numerous other contaminants. Some of these contaminants are corrosive, toxic and extremely dangerous, such as H2S. CO2 is another carbon steel corrosive contaminant that damages equipment and lowers gas Btu values.

OTSO designs, engineers and fabricates standardized and custom AMINE gas sweetening systems. Our field-proven units effectively remove H2S and CO2 utilizing AMINE solvents to create a chemical reaction to remove contaminants, creating products that are safe and suitable for transportation and market use.

Our AMINE plant designs are adaptive to gas flow rates, all types of stream compositions and ready to meet your gas sweetening challenges.

Custom Large Amine Plants

As shown below, OTSO standardized AMINE Plant offerings ranging from 3gpm – 120gpm were created to cover typical market needs. However, there are instances where 125gpm, 1000gpm, 2000gpm and higher AMINE Plants are required. In such cases, OTSO’s engineering team can develop a customized large scale solution to solve contaminate concentrations of any level for both onshore and offshore applications.

Standard AMINE Plants

OTSO’s team has decades of hands-on experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of AMINE Plants. We’ve leveraged this knowhow to create a standard offering suited for meeting the market’s needs.

OTSO Standardized AMINE Plant Sizes

Part Number Size
OT-3 1gpm - 3gpm
OT-10 3gpm - 10gpm
OT-20 10gpm - 20gpm
OT-40 20gpm - 40gpm
OT-80 40gpm - 80gpm
OT-120 80gpm - 120gpm

It’s worth noting, with the exception of the contactor tower, all Standardized AMINE Plant sizes from 1gpm – 20gpm are configured on one (1) modular skid. Plants exceeding 20gpm will have multiple skids.

All OTSO standardized AMINE plants are designed to use industry standard AMINE solvents including but not limited to DEA, DGA, MDEA and MEA. Plants are fabricated in our shop as modular skid mounted packages including all piping and controls.

Standard Features

  • Control Panel
  • Contactor Tower
  • Reboiler
  • Reflux Condenser Cooler
  • Reflux Pump/s
  • Main Solvent Pump/s
  • Solvent Booster Pump/s
  • Reflux Accumulator
  • Full Flow Rich Solvent Filter
  • Charcoal Filter

Optional Features

  • Advanced Control Panel Options
  • Advanced Instrument Options
  • Outlet Scrubber 
  • Flash Tank
  • Reclaimer
  • NACE Specification