Fuel Gas Skid Gas Filter Regulators

OTSO Gas Regulators / Fuel Gas Skids utilize proven methods to regulate desired outlet pressure, it’s as simple as turning a set of bolts. Our Gas Filter Regulators maintain the same standard features and properties of our Gas Regulator Units, but also include a filter. Both Gas Regulator Skids and Gas Filter Regulators employ double train pressure cuts to evade hydrate formation and allow for instrumentation maintenance without shutdown.

All OTSO Separators have built-in inlet diverters to cause liquids to fall and gas to flow up towards the mist extractor, liquid drops to coalesce and fall to the bottom of the vessel where they are emptied through our built-in level control system.

Standard Features

  • ASME vessels
  • Safety relief valves
  • Methanol injection

Standard Control Package

  • Process driven instrumentation
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Dump valve with maintenance bypass
  • Pressure & Temperature Indicators
  • Level Gauge with Gauge Cock
  • Built-in Instrument Gas Supply with drip pot
  • Manual drain & blow down
  • Liquid High and Low Level Switches connections
  • Spare vessel ½” connection

Optional Features

  • Electric Liquid Switch with Low / High (LSL / LSH)
  • Heat Trace & Insulation
  • Gas Flow metering

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