Desiccant Dehydration

VaporDRY™ Dehydrator

OTSO’S VaporDry™ Desiccant Dehydration Units offer our clients a simple, yet highly effective emissions-free gas dehydration solution. Our VaporDry™ Desiccant Water Removal Systems have predictable media consumption rates making them easy to manage, monitor and service.

The VaporDry™ consists of three media types, LD 45, CD 50 and XENTRITE. All three products are salt type desiccant tablets designed to remove water vapor to control gas line freezing, meet gas pipeline specifications, hydrate formation in meters/valves and corrosion.

Our VaporDry™ systems typically incorporate at least two of the three these desiccant media. This is done to further increase the cost effectiveness of our VaporDry™ units. A common application is for the natural gas to flow through the CD 50 to remove a majority of the moisture present, then travel through the LD 45 to further reduce dew point. This two stage / step arrangement is ideal in most cases and is also the most cost effective as the more expensive grade desiccant (LD 45) used for polishing lasts longer. LD 45, CD 50 and XENTRITE are not regeneration type media, thereby eliminating the need to wait for bed / tower regeneration. When the tablets are spent, new tablets are used to replenish the beds. Replenishment rates are predictable and consistent with each application’s operational process.

OTSO VaporDry™ Desiccant Dehydration Units provide a cost effective method for removing natural gas water vapors without glycol or BTEX vapors.


  • Reliable, Safe, Predictable Water Vapor Removal
  • Simple Unattended Operation
  • Emissions Free Operation – No BTEX Vapors
  • Modularized Easy Installation
  • Simple Design – No Burners, Pumps or Heat Exchangers
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Capital Expense
  • Reduced Operating Costs

Common Applications

  • Sales Gas
  • Fuel Gas
  • Restricted Access Sites
  • Floating Production Platforms
  • Instrument Gas
  • Excess Gas Flow Treatment
  • Replacement of Glycol Dehy Units
  • Environmental Installations / Meet Emissions Requirements

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