Free Water Knockout

Our Free Water Knockout (FWKO) systems are custom designed per each application to efficiently remove free water from crude oil streams. FWKO’s are the traditional, tried and true method for first stage oil dehydration by providing reliable bulk water separation of the crude stream. FWKO’s offer low cost bulk water removal in high water content crude streams which provides substantial treating fuel cost savings to operators.

FWKO’s – A Primary Separation Workhorse

This field proven design offers consistent separation performance through gravity. The first priority of a FWKO is to reduce stream velocity. A simple inlet momentum diverter can be used when high efficiency is not required. In higher spec applications, OTSO Proprietary Maelstrom™ Revolution inlet diverter is used for maximum oil / water separation.

The purpose of FWKO’s is to provide fast bulk water removal and they are usually seen upstream of more advanced dehydration methods. FWKO designs use the large cross sectional area of the vessel, allowing gravity to separate oil / water through increased retention time. This provides fast bulk water removal.


OTSO Free Water Knockout systems provide the following main benefits to customers:

  • Fast, Reliable, Gravity Bulk Water Removal
  • Lowers Treating Fuel Costs
  • Maelstrom™ Revolution for increased separation

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