Deliquescence Dehydration

OTSO Deliquescence Dehydration Units leverage advanced technology to ensure producers and gas handlers an emissions-free dehydration process. These units remove moisture from your gas product, without the use of glycol and without emitting hazardous BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes) vapors. They are specially engineered via CAD and process simulation to deliver high-quality, cost-effective dehydration that meets environmental regulations. The use of desiccants and deliquescing beds provide exactly the gas dryness you need.


The OTSO Deliquescence Dehydration Unit provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Improves safety, with no pumps, burners, or heat exchangers
  • Lowers operating cost with safe, unattended process
  • Requires low capital investment and small footprint (ideal for restricted access sites)
  • Reduces operating costs (unattended operation, no costly disposal, low maintenance, etc.)
  • Eliminates “turndown” limitations
  • Lowers environmental compliance cost
  • Wide range of applications, including sales gas, fuel gas, sour gas, instrument gas, floating production platforms, excess gas flow, etc.

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