Glycol dehydrator System

OTSO Glycol Dehydrator Systems remove water vapor from your natural gas streams, using a physical absorption process, to maximize pipeline efficiency. This process is critical to prevent hydrate formation from plugging the flow line and corrosion, which causes equipment damage. To mitigate such problems, we install complete dehydration systems, including a contactor tower and a glycol reconcentration system, that are durable and reliable to meet your needs. We also have the capability to custom engineer systems for large gas flow rates or other specific conditions. Whether you opt for the standard or customized unit, all systems are economical, while optimizing efficiency.


The OTSO Glycol Dehydration System provides the following main benefits to customers:

  • Removes water to less than 5lbs/MMscf (and can be designed to 1lbs/MMscf)
  • Lowers operating cost with safe, unattended process
  • Automates monitoring of pressure, temperature, etc. via built-in controller
  • Detects problems early with lab analysis of glycol samples
  • Increases system efficiency with specially blended chemicals that reduce corrosion
  • Maximizes performance and minimizes downtime by scheduled maintenance by trained technicians
  • Delivered as a single, skid-mounted system for easy transportation/installation

Contact an OTSO Representative
for a quick quote,competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

Contact an OTSO Representative for a quick quote,
competitive pricing, and more information on these products.

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